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Prosperity in Focus: Our Investments in San Antonio, Texas

At Town Square Real Estate, we're dedicated to fostering growth and prosperity in San Antonio, Texas. Through strategic investments, we contribute to the city's vibrant future while providing valuable opportunities for investors. Join us in shaping the landscape of San Antonio's real estate and financial success.

Our Investment Criteria

Short-Term Investment Criteria:

At Town Square Real Estate, our Fix and Flip investment criteria are carefully tailored to maximize returns and minimize risks. We seek single-family residential properties with 3-4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (with potential for 3) within the 1200 - 1800 sqft range. Our focus areas in San Antonio include Beacon Hill, midtown, Jefferson, central Los Angeles Heights South, West Side, Far West, and North Side neighborhoods.

Properties should fall within the price range of up to $250,000, ensuring optimal investment value. We consider repairs ranging from light to medium, with opportunities for higher-margin heavy repairs not exceeding $100,000. Our efficient investment strategy aims for hold times of up to 4 months on average, allowing us to swiftly optimize property value.

By adhering to these specific investment criteria, we ensure that our Fix and Flip ventures align with our commitment to strategic growth and financial success.

Long-Term Bun and Hold Investment Criteria:

Our Buy and Hold investment criteria reflect our dedication to long-term financial growth and stability. We target properties encompassing 1 to 4 units, ideally offering 3 to 6 bedrooms and spanning 1500 - 3500 sqft. Our primary focus areas within San Antonio are the West Side, Far West, and North Side, particularly around key locations like bases and hospitals.
Properties with a price tag of up to $350,000 fit our strategic investment approach. We consider repairs ranging from light to medium, with the potential for higher-margin heavy repairs, as long as they don't exceed $100,000. Our commitment to long-term value is evident in our hold times, which extend beyond 5 years, ensuring enduring profitability.
We are open to creative financing solutions, including seller financing or the option to assume existing financing. With an entry fee of less than 5%, we aim to make investment opportunities accessible while fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.
By adhering to these meticulous investment criteria, we ensure that our Buy and Hold strategy aligns with our commitment to securing lasting prosperity and success.

Our process


Step 1: Property Acquisition

Identification: We meticulously scan the market to identify properties that align with our investment criteria, focusing on potential returns and growth prospects.


Step 2: Thorough Analysis

Financial Evaluation: We conduct a comprehensive financial analysis, assessing the property's current and potential value, estimated renovation costs, and projected returns.Market Research: Our team researches local real estate trends and the property's neighborhood, ensuring our investment aligns with market demands and growth potential.


Step 3: Purchase Strategy

Negotiation: We negotiate with sellers to secure properties at favorable terms, aiming to create opportunities for substantial returns.
Purchase Decision: Based on our thorough analysis and negotiation outcomes, we make informed decisions on whether to proceed with the purchase.


Step 4: Rehabilitation and Enhancement

Renovation Planning: Our experts devise a detailed renovation plan, optimizing property value through strategic improvements.Rehabilitation Execution: We oversee the rehabilitation process, coordinating contractors and ensuring high-quality work that enhances the property's appeal and value.


Step 5: Profitable Dispositioning

Strategic Selling or Refinance: We leverage our market insights to strategically list and market the property, aiming for a timely and profitable sale or Refinance.Investor Returns: Upon successful disposition, our investors receive their share of the generated returns, reflecting the property's appreciation and renovation efforts.
This comprehensive process ensures that every step – from property acquisition to disposition – is strategically executed to maximize returns and deliver profitable outcomes for our valued investors.

Our Investment Path: Discover Our Three Tailored Exit Strategies

At Town Square Real Estate, we offer three distinct exit strategies designed to shape the future of our investments. These strategies include capitalizing on property appreciation, generating consistent rental income, or exploring resale opportunities. Each option is tailored to our unique goals and preferences, ensuring a flexible and informed approach to our investment journey. 

Fix N Flip

Our Fix and Flip program doesn't end at renovation – it's a calculated journey toward profitable exit. After expertly transforming properties, we strategically market and sell, ensuring optimal returns on your investment. Experience the satisfaction of turning fixer-uppers into lucrative assets with a proven exit strategy that translates renovations into financial success.

Short Term Rentals

Our short-term rentals provide an exit strategy perfectly suited for active military personnel and travel nurses. When the time comes for deployments or assignment changes, these flexible accommodations offer a seamless transition. With fully furnished spaces and accommodating lease terms, our rentals allow heroes to comfortably reside during their tenure, ensuring a smooth exit when duty calls elsewhere. We take pride in offering a practical exit strategy that aligns with the dynamic lives of our dedicated servicemen and women.

Long Term Rentals

At Town Square Real Estate, our Buy and Hold rental properties are more than just investments – they're a smart and strategic exit strategy. As property values appreciate over time and rental income flows steadily, these holdings can be leveraged for a seamless transition when you're ready to make your next move. Whether you choose to sell, refinance, or continue benefiting from passive income, our Buy and Hold approach offers a versatile exit strategy that empowers you to make the most of your investment journey.

Benefits Of Investing In San Antonio Texas
● Consistent Appreciation● Affordability● Strong Rental Market● Diverse Job Markets● Steady Population Growth● Ongoing New Construction

Exploring San Antonio's Diverse Submarkets:

Rehabilitate and Resale Markets

Discover prime investment prospects within San Antonio's low-crime neighborhoods. We focus on these flourishing areas, offering secure and promising choices for investors. Benefit from proximity to good schools, economic growth, and a secure environment. Join us in maximizing returns while enjoying the advantages of sought-after, safe locations.

    Beacon Hill, Mid-Town, Jefferson Central Los Angeles Heights South Neighborhoods
    Far West Side, & West Side Subdivisions
    North Side Areas

Long-Term Buy and Hold Neighborhoods

Town Square Real Estate focuses on properties near military bases and medical centers. These prime locations offer steady rental demand, benefiting both our heroes and our investment success. Join us in capitalizing on strategic opportunities that make a positive impact and deliver solid returns.

    Around South Texas Medical Center San Antonio
    Lackland, Randolph, & Fort Sam Houston Neighborhoods
    Surrounding University Hospital Areas

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