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Investing Smarter, Living Better, Building a Better Community Together!

At Town Square Real Estate, our mission is to revive neighborhoods, making sure families have safe homes and rejuvenating communities. We do this by strategically investing in residential real estate, reimagining overlooked areas, and creating positive effects that go beyond just the properties themselves. Our goal is to provide families with safe newly renovated homes and help neighborhoods flourish.

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Turn your property into instant cash with Town Square Real Estate. Sell to us for a hassle-free transaction and unlock the value of your property today. Wholesalers Welcome.

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Explore new opportunities by becoming a lending partner with Town Square Real Estate. Collaborate with us to fuel real estate endeavors and pave the way for shared success. Ask us how we can turn your old 401k into an active investment.

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Home For Heros Program

Discover our Homes for Heroes program We're proud to offer benefits and support for essential personnel, providing flexible housing solutions when it's mission critical.


About us

Our Mission

"Empowering Families, Honoring Heroes, and Building Futures – Together, we shape homes, communities, and dreams at Town Square Real Estate."

At Town Square Real Estate, our big goal is to make homes and neighborhoods even better for families like yours. We believe in being reliable, which means you can count on us to always do what we say we'll do. We also think being real and honest is super important, so you can trust us to tell the truth and help you with the perfect home.

We Invest In San Antonio Texas

Embarking on a transformative journey, we channel our investments into the vibrant heart of San Antonio."


Investing in San Antonio is a smart choice due to its thriving economy, affordable living, and strong housing demand. The city's rich culture, diverse neighborhoods, and business-friendly atmosphere make it a dynamic investment landscape for long-term growth.

  • Robust Industry Mix: San Antonio's diverse industries, from healthcare to aerospace, create a stable economy that's resilient against market shifts, reducing vulnerability to single-sector risks.

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    Business Advantage: San Antonio's pro-business stance, low taxes, and supportive local government foster job growth, ignite entrepreneurship, and fuel a thriving economy.

  • Strategic Military Presence: With multiple military bases and defense contractors, San Antonio enjoys a stable economy and consistent rental demand, bolstering its resilience and attractiveness for real estate investment.

Become A Lending Partner

Become a Residential Lending Partner: Navigate the Real Estate Market, Building Strong Relationships, and Achieving Financial Success"

Enjoy competitive Interest returns on your loans as you help turn housing dreams into reality. Benefit from our expertise, tap into a growing market and be part of a community that values your financial goals. Make a difference while maximizing your interest dividends – partner with us now."

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