About Town Square Real Estate

Together Towards Progress: Together, We Build a Better Future!

Town Square Real Estate goes beyond the role of a typical investment company – we're your dedicated partners in transforming lives, nurturing dreams, and building thriving communities. With over two decades of experience in real estate and a strong connection to the heart of San Antonio, we're a family-owned business guided by a commitment to innovation, compassion, and authentic values.

Our love for real estate goes beyond transactions; it's a lifelong passion that perfectly aligns with our unwavering dedication to this remarkable city. As active members of the San Antonio community, we hold a special place for our first responders, honoring their service and protecting the families that bring vitality to our neighborhoods.

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    Led by a team of skilled professionals, we combine years of experience with a new outlook, embracing change and building relationships that go beyond the usual. Our goal is straightforward – to provide safe, caring homes for families and create neighborhoods where everyone feels they belong and can thrive.

    Be a part of shaping a future where dreams come true, families succeed, and communities prosper. At Town Square Real Estate, we're not just about buying and selling property; we're creators of a future full of endless possibilities, one home and one meaningful dream at a time.

Our Mission

At Town Square Real Estate, our big goal is to make homes and neighborhoods even better for families like yours. We believe in being reliable, which means you can count on us to always do what we say we'll do. We also think being real and honest is super important, so you can trust us to tell the truth and help you with the perfect home.
We really care about the people who keep us safe, like firefighters and police officers. They work really hard, and we want to show them how much we appreciate them. We're not just about selling houses – we're also about creating happy and vibrant neighborhoods where everyone feels like they belong and has a great place to live. So, when you work with us, you're not just getting a home, you're becoming part of a community that's all about helping you and your family thrive.

Core Values

At Town Square Real Estate, we hold unique beliefs that shape our actions every step of the way. Picture these beliefs as a guiding compass, helping us navigate the path ahead. Being dependable is a key value for us – it means we always strive to fulfill our promises. Honesty and authenticity are equally vital, much like the solid foundation of a building. Plus, we're passionate about unleashing our imagination and creativity to craft innovative ideas. These core beliefs drive us to dedicate ourselves to you and your family, and they fuel our aspiration to enhance our community, making it an even better place for everyone.

Reliable & Accountable

We are steadfast in delivering trustworthy service and taking responsibility for our actions.

Embrace & Drive Change

We welcome innovation and actively drive positive change in the real estate landscape.

Authentic & Humble

Our interactions are genuine, and our humility keeps us grounded as we assist families in finding their perfect homes.

Innovative & Creative

We constantly seek fresh, creative solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients and community.

Passionate & Determined

 Our passion fuels our determination to exceed expectations, ensuring that dreams of homeownership become a reality.

Our Goals

At Town Square Real Estate, our primary objectives embody our steadfast dedication to transforming communities and delivering outstanding service. We are committed to breathing new life into neighborhoods, establishing secure environments for families, and acknowledging the invaluable contributions of our first responders. Guided by principles of reliability, innovation, and zeal, we aspire to transcend mere transactions by cultivating enduring relationships and constructing more promising futures for everyone involved.


Family's Placed In Safe Homes

Our objective at Town Square Real Estate is evident: to provide families with safe and comfortable homes. We put in a continuous effort to convert properties into sanctuaries, guaranteeing that families within our community encounter security, peace, and a sense of belonging. Through every endeavor, our commitment remains unwavering, as we strive to turn the dream of a secure home into a tangible reality for every family we assist.


$28,000,000 In Returns To Our Partners

At Town Square Real Estate, ensuring exceptional returns for our partners goes beyond mere ambition – it's our commitment. Through strategic investments, we unlock inherent value and nurture a culture of success. Our unwavering dedication to dependable and accountable practices ensures that the trust our partners place in us is reciprocated with remarkable financial growth and a flourishing real estate portfolio.


Heros Provided Flexible Housing Options For Their Families

At Town Square Real Estate, our commitment to flexible housing is exemplified through our Homes for Heroes program. Our aim is to provide homes that can easily adapt to the needs of our community's first responders, offering them and their families a haven of comfort and unwavering support.

Our Support Ecosystem:

Comprehensive Expertise

Our encompassing support system comprises diverse professionals, empowering us to navigate the intricacies of real estate transactions with a wealth of knowledge and resources.

    Our visionary leaders drive community-focused real estate initiatives with proven success.
    Market-savvy and innovative, our leadership ensures strategic decisions that benefit clients and neighborhoods.
    Grounded in integrity, our leaders inspire our team to deliver exceptional service and impactful change.

Investor Partnerships:

We foster strong alliances within our investor network, leveraging their strategic insights to enhance the success of our real estate initiatives.

    Our financial support network includes private money lenders, securing swift and flexible funding tailored to our unique needs.
    Collaborating with esteemed financial institutions, we ensure reliable and comprehensive support for our real estate endeavors.
    Harnessing the resources of hard money lenders, we leverage strategic financing solutions that empower our investment goals with speed and efficiency.

Skilled Professionals:

Our network includes proficient real estate experts, contractors, consultants, and legal advisors who collaborate seamlessly to facilitate transactions.

    We strategically engage a network of adept real estate professionals, contractors, consultants, and lawyers to streamline and enhance our transaction process.
    Leveraging our strong investor network, we gain strategic insights and potential partnerships that enhance the success of our real estate endeavors.
    With a robust support system encompassing diverse professionals, we navigate every facet of the real estate landscape with expertise, enriching our transactions and outcomes.

Envisioning a Vibrant Future: Together We Rehabilitate San Antonio Neighborhoods

At Town Square Real Estate, we're immensely proud of our active role in San Antonio's vibrant community. Our deep connection to this city, characterized by its rich cultural diversity, historical significance, and forward-thinking spirit, is at the heart of our mission.

San Antonio's lively tapestry of culture, from its spirited celebrations to its deep-rooted traditions, aligns perfectly with our dedication to fostering a sense of belonging and helping families achieve homeownership. The iconic landmarks, like the renowned Alamo, remind us of the city's storied history, while its ongoing progress and innovation inspire us to contribute to its bright future. We're committed to cultivating a united community where residents thrive, empowering them to chase their dreams.

With Town Square Real Estate, our fervor for San Antonio's unique character fuels our determination to not only provide real estate solutions but also actively shape the city's ongoing narrative. As we weave the threads of San Antonio's heritage and culture into our work, we invite you to stand with us in creating a future that pays tribute to the past and embraces the endless possibilities that lie ahead.