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Become A Lending Partner

Elevate your investment portfolio by becoming a valued lending partner with Town Square Real Estate. Join us in shaping the real estate landscape and achieving financial growth through strategic collaborations. As a lending partner, you'll gain access to a range of mutually beneficial opportunities, from joint ventures to private lending arrangements.

Benefits of Lending to Us

Lending to us opens the door to a world of lucrative investment opportunities, reliable returns, and a collaborative partnership that maximizes your financial potential.

Steady Income:

Lending to us provides you with a consistent and steady income stream through interest payments, enhancing your overall financial stability.

Low Risk, High Reward:

Our rigorous evaluation processes and experienced team reduce investment risks while offering the potential for attractive returns, striking a balance between risk and reward.

Hands-Off Investment:

Enjoy a hassle-free investment experience as a lending partner, where you can passively contribute funds without the complexities of property management or active involvement.

Real Estate Exposure:

Gain exposure to the lucrative real estate market without the responsibilities of property ownership, diversifying your investment portfolio and capitalizing on a dynamic industry.


Short-Term Lending for Fix and Flip Projects

Experience the convenience of our hands-off fix and flip program, tailored for a seamless investment journey with a swift 6-month return. Town Square Real Estate offers you the opportunity to effortlessly invest in property renovations, benefiting from our expertise while enjoying rapid financial gains.

Program Highlights:

● Passive Participation: Engage in property renovations without day-to-day involvement. Our expert team manages the process, freeing you from operational complexities.
● Rapid Turnaround: Witness a swift 6-month return on your investment as we optimize property renovations for quick resale.
● Risk-Mitigated Approach: Our experience ensures strategic property selection, reducing risks and maximizing potential profits.

Ready to unlock your real estate investment potential? Become a lending partner with Town Square Real Estate today and embark on a journey of financial growth and collaborative success. Let's build a brighter future together. Contact us now to get started!

Short-Term Lending Program for Buy and Hold Rental Property

Explore our short-term lending program designed for a quick payoff within 4 to 6 months. Town Square Real Estate offers you a unique opportunity to capitalize on properties with better conditions, reduced risk, and a faster return on your investment.

Speedy Returns: Benefit from a rapid turnaround with our short-term investment strategy, allowing you to quickly access your funds and reinvest.
Lower Risk Profile: Enjoy reduced risk as we focus on properties with better conditions, minimizing the likelihood of unexpected issues.
Faster Fund Disbursement: Experience faster fund disbursement upon project completion, ensuring you receive your returns promptly.
Expert Selection: Rely on our expertise to identify high-potential properties that align with our short-term investment model.

Embrace the advantages of our short-term investment program and seize opportunities for swift payoffs and enhanced investment efficiency. Contact us to explore how this program can contribute to your financial success.


Types of Properties We Invest in

●  3-4 bd. 2 ba●  1200 - 1800 Sqft. ● Price: Up to $250k● Repairs: Light to medium● Hold times: 6 mo. avg.● Loan Pay off 6 mo. avg.

● 3-4 bd. 2 ba.● 1500 - 1800 Sqft. ● Price: Up to $225k● Repairs: Light to medium● Hold times: 5+ years● Loan pay off 4 mo. avg.

● 3-6 bd. 2 ba.● 1500 - 3500 Sqft. ● Price: Up to $350k● Repairs: Light to medium● Hold times: 5+ years● Loan pay off 6 mo. avg.


  • Q: What is the process for becoming a lending partner with Town Square Real Estate?

    A: Becoming a lending partner involves a straightforward process of initial consultation, agreement on partnership terms, and collaboration on identifying suitable real estate investment opportunities.

  • Q: What types of real estate projects do you typically seek lending partners for?

    A: We seek lending partners for a range of projects, including property acquisitions, renovations, development, and more. Our diverse portfolio ensures various opportunities to match your investment preferences.

  • Q: What are the potential returns for lending partners?

    A: Returns vary based on the specific investment and partnership structure. We work closely with lending partners to ensure mutually beneficial arrangements that offer competitive and attractive returns.

  • Q: How is risk managed for lending partners?

    A: Our experienced team conducts rigorous due diligence, assessing each investment opportunity's risk profile. We prioritize transparency and open communication to ensure lending partners are informed and confident.

  • Q: What sets Town Square Real Estate's lending partnership program apart?

    A: Our program offers a unique blend of real estate expertise, personalized partnership models, and a track record of successful collaborations. We aim to maximize returns while prioritizing the financial well-being of our lending partners.